Your name is JAS. You are 20 years old. You go by the Chumhandle digitalCrayon (DC). You are very much into the FINE AND DIGITAL ARTS and you are trying to make your way into PHOTOGRAPHY. You have many INTERESTS including DRAWING and playing VIDEO GAMES. You frequently distract yourself with INTERNET SHENANIGANS instead of doing actual work, but that never seems to stop you from getting done what needs to be done. You love to COSPLAY, but aren't very good at it just yet. You are very MILD-MANNERED and tend to get along with most people you meet. You have a knack for changing your PHYSICAL APPEARANCE quite often. So far you haven't had any serious repercussions.

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This is my personal blog about stuff, mostly dedicated to Homestuck for the time being. I'm a Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts fanatic who occasionally posts funny pictures of cats and public fails. I'm always open to asks. Other blogs are linked at the top of the page.

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I bleed it out…
I’ve opened up these scars… 
I’ll make you face this…!

I’ve pulled myself so far…
I’ll make you face this now…!!

- - - 

This started out as just some facial expression practice and it quickly turned into an all out photoset. I’m beyond happy with it though, I have a thing for blood so that’s always fun to color. Enjoy, you guys ! 




Every time this post comes around, I have to explain this. 

Watch Dennou Coil, the most underrated anime pretty much ever. 

  • Yes, this is the standard of animation throughout the series. 
  • It’s basically about kids with what’s essentially Google Glass: The Game. The whole world is affected by this game. Traffic lights, school, anything. 
  • It’s good in the beginning and gets really, really good by the end. 
  • Shows the vulnerabilities of children.
  • Well-written children in general. They fall under some tropes but they don’t suffer from the usual fallacies of writing children into series. 
  • And yeah, the filler episodes are really good. The whole series is worth watching. 

Reblogging as a reminder to myself

 wish this show was longer.

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Why does anger have to be a thing?
Why is this something that needs to exist?


the names of homestuck songs are so beautiful you get ones like

  • Savior of the Waking World
  • Phantasmagoric Waltz
  • Cathedral of the End
  • At the Price of Oblivion
  • Everything is Something to Somebody
  • Clockwork Sorrow
  • Eternity Served Cold

but then you also have

  • Ohgodwhat
  • Heir Conditioning
  • Nic Cage Song
  • Omelette Sandwich
  • Squiddles Happytime Fun Go!
  • Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler’s Water Apocalypse