[[[NOTE: I will not be focusing on my dash for the next few weeks. I see posts about police brutality everywhere I look, and it's bringing back some awful memories. I'll still be checking my inbox and post occasionally.]]]   Your name is JAS. You are 20 years old. You go by the Chumhandle digitalCrayon (DC). You are very much into the FINE AND DIGITAL ARTS and you are trying to make your way into PHOTOGRAPHY. You have many INTERESTS including DRAWING and playing VIDEO GAMES. You frequently distract yourself with INTERNET SHENANIGANS instead of doing actual work, but that never seems to stop you from getting done what needs to be done. You love to COSPLAY, but aren't very good at it just yet. You are very MILD-MANNERED and tend to get along with most people you meet. You have a knack for changing your PHYSICAL APPEARANCE quite often. So far you haven't had any serious repercussions.

==> Get on with it.

This is my personal blog about stuff, mostly dedicated to Homestuck for the time being. I'm a Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts fanatic who occasionally posts funny pictures of cats and public fails. I'm always open to asks. Other blogs are linked at the top of the page.

I am digitalCrayon on Pesterchum and ThatOneDigitalCrayon on skype. Feel free to add me~


eridans-lowwer-half asked
Hey I'm going to Geek Kon too :P I saw on Friday you might do a Nepeta and I'm gunna be Equius.. so I hope to see you! :)

Yeah, absolutely! My moirail will be Equius as well, and they absolutely LOVE meeting other Zahhak cosplayers. Hope to see you!

Geek Kon lineup 2014

I’m a little late to the game since the con is… tomorrow… but I figure I should put something up because I’ll probably have to reference it for myself later so I can be found at Geek this year. :D

I’ll also put this all under a cut because it’s a little long.

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My Dualscar Cosplay
I have some things to fix like The buttons on my shirt adn Fixing the armor to get it to stay better

harleyquinnis asked
Hai :33

Hello. :)


Oh my god.


Look at this pile of shit dweeb charging through ice and snow in nothin but his tank-top and stockings.

And then just fuzzy mittens and earmuffs.

That are green.

Because Nepeta probably made him wear them.

Goddamn dont look at me I am a wREC K